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“Big Apples & Danish Pastries” Podcast Episode 5

“Big Apples & Danish Pastries” Episode 5: Listen Here Ben & Tom enjoy some socially distant Hygge-ing while sipping on

21st May 2020
Lowdown on The Low Countries Podcast Episode 4

“Lowdown on The Low Countries” Listen Here  Less messy than sacrificing a goat and easier to listen to than Heavy

18th May 2020
“Going Caracas in California” Podcast Episode 3

“Going Caracas in California” Listen HERE Miss World, Mace attacks, Morphine and Microbreweries all feature in this episode of “Around

7th May 2020
“Devon Is A Place On Earth” Podcast Episode 2

“Devon Is A Place On Earth” Listen HERE In a bid to transport you from the confines of your isolation

28th April 2020
“Coronavirus Special: Mexico & China” Podcast Episode 1

“Coronavirus Special: Mexico & China” – Listen HERE In this first episode, Ben and Tom selflessly try some tenuously topical

23rd April 2020
Podcast: “Around The World in 80 Drinks”

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO OUR NEW PODCAST Listen up, folks. No, seriously, actually listen because we’ve got a new

20th April 2020
Whisky Cocktails with Chivas

Unlock your senses with the world’s best Whisky cocktails.

3rd February 2020
It’s The Drink Talking Podcast

Just as you think the Thinking Drinkers can’t give you anything more, they give you more. Welcome to “It’s The

5th October 2017
Hop Ten Facts
Beer & Hops – Hop Ten Facts

HOPS! It wouldn’t be beer without them, but what connection do they have to nuns?!

3rd August 2015
Tanglefoot Ale
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 7 – Tanglefoot Ale

Ben & Tom show some morris dancers how to throw shapes before trying Badger’s Tanglefoot Ale.

1st August 2015
Blandford Fly Ale
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 6 – Blandford Fly Ale

Ben & Tom have a fairly successful stab at fly fishing while tasting Badger’s Blandford Fly ale.

1st August 2015
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 5 – Poacher’s Choice

Ben & Tom open a few bottles of Badger’s Poacher’s Choice and a can of whuppass on some clay pigeons.

1st August 2015
Dan Aykroyd Crystal Head
Thinking Drinkers chat to Dan Aykroyd about Crystal Head Vodka

When it comes to vodka, we here at Thinking Drinkers enjoy Crystal Head almost as much as toast and football.

26th November 2012
Badger First Gold
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 4 – Badger First Gold

Ben & Tom go in search of Badgers while enjoying Badger First Gold.

22nd November 2010
Golden Champion
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 3 – Golden Champion

Ben & Tom catch a chicken, cook it with Badger’s Golden Champion Ale, then drink Badger’s Golden Champion Ale.

22nd November 2010
Stinger Ale
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 2 – Stinger Ale

Ben & Tom take on some stinging nettles while sampling Badger’s Stinger Ale.

22nd November 2010
Fusty Ferret
Badger’s Guide to the Countryside: Episode 1 – Fursty Ferret

Ben & Tom Sandham head to the Dorset countryside to taste Badger Beers and learn a bit more about rural living.

22nd November 2010
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