Podcast: “Around The World in 80 Drinks”


Listen up, folks. No, seriously, actually listen because we’ve got a new podcast.

Read all about it below.

What’s it called? “Around The World in 80 Drinks”.

What’s it about? Drink. Good drink. With all of us banished from our beleaguered boozers and bars, and not allowed further than our local bottleshop, we will be taking listeners to all four corners of the globe in search of the world’s greatest alcohol. Not literally of course. It’s a podcast not a plane.

What will you be tasting? Each pod, we’ll be tasting both a beer and a spirit from different places. Sometimes they’ll both be from one place. There will be 80, maybe more. We may try and throw in a wine and some guests/experts some weeks. That may lack consistency but we don’t give a f**k. We’re mavericks who break the rules. But not the rules about social distancing.

Will there be excellent ‘banter’? What do you reckon? Eh? Oh.

Anything else? Yes. A bit of history behind each bottle, fascinating facts, some indulgent anecdotes, a few puns and a knob gag or two if you’re lucky.

Will you tell listeners what you’re going to be drinking in the next episode so they can order them online in advance and enjoy the drinks whilst you talk about them?

Yes, you can. Thanks for asking. Just sign up, subscribe and then check out the links from the latest episode to see what we’ll be featuring on the next one.

Jesus, man, this podcast sounds f******g amazing. Where do I sign up? 

Here are the links: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-thinking-drinkers-around-the-world-in-80-drinks/id1506478589


If you’re fortunate enough to own one of them fancy mobile phones, the link below connects to your podcast app. Hopefully,  https://podfollow.com/1506478589

When’s the first episode? Thursday 23rd April

Hey guys, you look and sound really cool. Can I sponsor this podcast for vast amounts of hard untraceable cash? Well, we’re not doing this for money, we’re doing this because we just love giving back. But drop us an email at ben@thinkingdrinkers.com and tom@thinkingdrinkers.com and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Do you have anything else I can buy? Books? T-shirts? Seriously, you’re starting to take the piss now.  Click here


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