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The Thinking Drinkers tasting club will deliver a trio of discerning drinks direct through your letter box every month.

Also includes a monthly online tasting session hosted by The Thinking Drinkers, award-winning drinks experts and comedians.

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What you get

  • A handsome-looking box containing three premium 60ml measures of carefully curated, thought-provoking spirits.

  • An educational, entertaining and unpretentious monthly live online tasting, hosted by the Thinking Drinkers and special guests from the world of comedy, arts, entertainment and drinks.

  • A monthly online Thinking Drinkers magazine featuring stories from the people, the places and the past behind each pouch. Packed with humour, cocktail recipes, exclusive interviews and more.

  • Exclusive rewards and discounts on drinks including beer and wine, as well as occasional extra gifts.

  • A signed copy of the “Thinking Drinkers Almanac” or “Thinking Drinkers Enlightened Imbiber’s Guide To Alcohol” book for every new subscriber - which we'll send you before the first drinks arrive!

  • Join the Club

Join the Club
‘Pioneers of alcohol-based comedy’
Sunday Times
‘An erudite, liquor-loving duo’
‘There’s no more discerning way to fall off the wagon’
Time Out
‘Terrific show. The best value for money in town’
‘An intoxicating success… as interesting as it is hilarious’
Sunday Express
‘Great fun, informative, and at times completely mental’
Edinburgh Evening News

A closer look at what you get

  • The Drinks

    A subscription to Thinking Drinkers Tasting Club is all about drinking discovery. Each month, The Thinking Drinkers will hand-select three superb spirits, decant them into premium pouches and deliver them direct through your letterbox.

    We don’t believe one should be monogamous in one’s imbibing. So, rather than remaining blindly loyal to just one life-enriching liquid, we’ve adopted a more adventurous approach that celebrates the diversity of distilling… in style.

    Each month we will explore a different category or theme such as gins, single malt whiskies, sipping rums, cognacs and Armagnacs, agave spirits (tequila and mezcal), artisan American whiskies and bourbons, deluxe digestifs and incredible aperitivos, world class vodkas, vermouths and lovely liqueurs.

    Each month, you can enjoy the best work from the world’s best distillers whenever you like but, for the ultimate Thinking Drinkers experience, please join us for a live monthly tasting session online when we’ll be exploring not just what’s in your glass but the people, places and the past that have inspired its creation.

  • The Tastings

    We do tastings very differently. Back in 2011, having become disillusioned with stuffy and staid spirit sermons stuffed with pointlessly flowery flavour descriptions, we transformed our tastings into a completely unique comedy tasting show – where every audience member gets to enjoy five world class drinks.
    From humble beginnings in a small, converted freight container at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe, the critically-acclaimed show is now performed to thousands of people every year -selling out theatres up and down the country with our unique blend of comedy, quality drinks and education. We don’t want to sound arrogant, but the shows are really good. Don’t believe us, then check out some of the reviews below.
    Anyway, we’re going to bring this unique style of drinks education to our monthly online tasting sessions. As well as exploring all the flavours of that month’s drinks, they’ll be funny, fascinating and full of interesting stories that go beyond what’s in the bottom of the glass. Each month, we’ll be joined by a special guest, either a producer from one of the spirits tasted, or a friend from the wider world of entertainment.

  • The Magazine

    As well as a live tasting session, each drop arrives with an exclusive online monthly magazine that tells you more about what’s in the box. The Thinking Drinkers are multiple award-winning journalists and authors with several acclaimed books under their belt and more than 40 years’ experience writing about drink and drinking culture. The magazine will provide a wider context on the drinks and the people who make them, as well as useful cocktail recipes and suggested serves.

  • The Discounts

    Working closely with the drinks they’ve curated, the Thinking Drinkers will be able to offer discount codes on all the drinks you try over the course of the year, so if you like what you try, you can get it at a better price. We’re also going to tap our industry contacts and see if they can get you deals on other drinks.

the planet

It’s not just our jokes that our recycled. If you pop your used pouches into the freepost envelopes provided, we will ensure that the packaging is repurposed into something useful… rather than ending up in the blowholes of Dolphins.

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