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Fancy Tequila

Any reputable imbiber should understand tequila is a discerning distillate. The one-time rouble rouser of the cabinet is now a

19th July 2022
World Cocktail Day

While a topic of mass debate among hooch historians, many reckon the word ‘cock-tail’ was first defined on May 13th

9th May 2022
Chocs and Spirits

The Mesoamerican Mayans exchanged it as currency; botany boffin Carl Linnaeus christened it ‘food of the Gods’; and fictional fatso Augustus

13th April 2022
Drink Beer & Help Ukraine

Listen up. This is important – particularly if you are a bar owner, bartender, publican, landlords, restaurateur etc…Basically, anyone with

25th March 2022
Armand Debelder RIP

“God is good” was the name given to the fermentation process during the Dark Ages. Back then, when possession of

7th March 2022
Blends and Victor Hugo

While French novelist Victor Hugo created classics Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, interestingly he was not responsible for

18th February 2022
Irish Whiskey

In the fifth century, Ireland suffered from a reptile dysfunction – it happens to the best of us. Pesky pagan

10th February 2022
Drinking Culture: Cognac & Busta Rhymes

The French region of Cognac isn’t somewhere you’d necessarily associate with gangster rap. Some of the local grape growers may

7th February 2022
A Thinking Drinker’s Guide To The Six Nations

Let’s face it, rugby can be a bit confusing. No-one really understands the rules. For huge swathes of an 80-minute

7th February 2022
Valentine’s Day

  Every year, Valentine’s Day rears its daft cherubic mug and whatever your relationship status, you’ll wish it hadn’t. A

7th February 2022
American Beers To Drink During Superbowl LVI

In the early 1980s, televised sport certainly wasn’t the 24/7 visual smorgasbord that it is today. There was some half

4th February 2022
Rabbie Burns Would Hate Burns Night

We can’t be sure, we can’t be certain but, having read a bit about Robert Burns, we reckon that if

13th January 2022
How To Drink Global This Christmas

  It’s Jesus’s birthday soon – so let’s have a drink. It’s what he would have wanted. But Christmas is

27th December 2021
Drinking Culture: New Year’s Day

Given you’ve got a hangover, the last thing you want to wake up to is the feint whiff of a

20th December 2021
Christmas Retro Cocktails

  Retro Christmas Cocktails Tradition dictates that the “Merryneum” – that strange period between Christmas and New Year  – is

20th December 2021
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