Voodoo Rum Punch aka "The Glastonbury Zombie" Cocktail Recipe | Epicurious


On the 19th of September, a handful of crusty musos descended on Glastonbury for a festival that would eventually become ‘The Largest Green-Field Festival’ in the world.

These days, more than 200,000 attend and see thousands of acts on more than 100 stages, while knackering 400 cubicle bogs, and probably some of the 700 meters of urinals.

You might have been, a lot of people have, and they’ve seen and done a lot of stuff, but frankly there are few things more tedious than reading about someone else’s ‘Glasto’ experiences. And that truth saves us a lot of time writing any more about it here.

What’s important to us is that the incredibly talented ‘tenders at the Soulshakers  have run bars at the festival and created an incredible cocktail for the event. The Voodoo Punch is something every bank holiday weekender should consider. And just like Glastonbury, it’s a lot.

1 bottle white rum

2 bottles light aged rum

1 bottle añejo rum

1 bottle demerara rum ½ bottle overproof rum

1 bottle Cognac 1 bottle Orange Curaçao

1 bottle Velvet Falernum

1 bottle Luxardo Maraschino 1 bottle passionfruit syrup

1 litre passionfruit purée 2 litres mango purée

2 litres lime juice 12 litres pressed apple juice

12 litres guava juice 60 dashes of Angostura bitters

25ml (¾ fl oz) absinthe

“Pour 90 per cent of each of the ingredients into a barrel and stir. Taste and balance, then add all the rest anyway. Add a large block of ice and drink. Serves: everybody.”

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