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Podcast: Public Enemas & Jiggers With Altitude

This week, we hark back to the halcyon days when strangers blew smoke up the bottoms of wet people and,

2nd March 2023

After a week off, the hardest working beefcakes in the drinks business slide back into the Pod saddle, digging their

23rd February 2023
PODCAST: It’s Not Going To Shuck Itself Is It?

If drink-soaked discussion of aphrodisiacal accompaniments to oysters, ‘titanic plums’, guinea pigs with dodgy fivers, hangover cures and some seriously

12th February 2023
PODCAST: Ryan Reynolds & The Vagina Museum

Wearing a blindfold and a pair of clownshoes, this week’s Pod plods through a libel minefield amid chat about Whisky

6th February 2023
Podcast: 99 Problems But A Bee’s Not One

Some of the things pondered in this week’s podcast: Henry VIII and his hop-related head retention; chilled out monks, Trappist

26th January 2023
Nine Inch Burns & Belgian Crack

https://media.transistor.fm/51d93fce/c1f74bb0.mp3 Burns Night is coming. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t in January, no-one would take any notice. But after

19th January 2023

We kick off 2023 by cracking open a couple of classic liqueurs to celebrate “Kiss A Ginger Day” and the

12th January 2023
PODCAST: Dynamite ‘n’ Dysentery

Bonjour tout le monde, This week’s prize winning pod discusses Anglo-French fisticuffs and Alfred Nobel with a Saison in one

8th December 2022

In this week’s podcast, we chat to radio and TV presenter Adrian Chiles about his new book “The Good Drinker –

1st December 2022
PODCAST: Chill Winston – You’re Just Two Tents

Howdy. We gobble down some top-class Thanksgiving chat featuring ‘Large Melons’ and then explore the drinking repertoire of the UK’s

24th November 2022
PODCAST: Cock Rock & Swashbuckling Psychos

A bats**t crazy rum-drinking pirate and some whisky-sipping American adventurers inspire us to reach for some El Dorado 12 year-old

17th November 2022
PODCAST: Pils, Gin & a Badly Drawn Baby

Czech out our latest pod featuring the 180th birthday of the first ever Pilsner, some chin-scratching appreciation of William Hogarth’s

14th November 2022
PODCAST: Dutch Ovens & Spirit Trumpets

How did yeast nearly kill Harry Houdini? Is sticking toddlers in a Royal Mail postbox treason? What the hell is

7th November 2022
Podcast: Knockers & Knockouts

This week, we go on a trip down mammary lane to debunk myths about Maria Antoinette’s link to Champagne and

1st November 2022
PODCAST: Sucking The Monkey

This week, we salute the swashbuckling swordsman and publicity-seeking Lord Admiral Nelson with some Naval Rum before blending some reasonably

22nd October 2022
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