PODCAST: Sucking The Monkey

This week, we salute the swashbuckling swordsman and publicity-seeking Lord Admiral Nelson with some Naval Rum before blending some reasonably priced red wine with Coca-Cola to celebrate 143 years since Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable translucent lightbulb…..with the help of some wide-eyed boffins banjaxed on Bolivian Marching Powder.

Event: Death of Lord Admiral Nelson
Agggghhh landlubbers. On October 21st, 1805, Lord Nelson was shot by a Frenchman during the Battle of Trafalgar during a battle which the Brits won 22-0 (in terms of ships).
Drink: Nelson’s Blood
To commemorate the one-eyed, partially-deaf, philandering, publicity-seeking, sea-sick seaman, we’re drinking Nelson’s Blood II using Pusser’s Navy Rum.
45ml Pusser’s Navy Rum
45ml Cranberry Juice
22.5ml Lime Juice
22.5 ml Orange juice
12.5 ml Sugar syrup
Two dashes of Angostura Bitters
Strain into ice-filled glass after shaking all the ingredients in a shaker packed with ice. Garnish with a lime wedge to prevent scurvy.

Event: Thomas Edison invents a commercially practical incandescent light at his industrial research lab in New Jersey.
Drink: A “Calimocho”, a blend of equal parts cola and cheap red wine.

America’s finest inventor gave us the gramophone, the movie camera and the first commercially practical long-lasting light bulb.

He drank something called Vin Mariani, a ‘medicinal’ mix of cheap red wine and coca leaves, believed be the pre-cursor to Coca-Cola.

We’re mixing the two in equal parts.

But you can buy a version of Vin Mariani (without the nose candy) here.

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