Lowdown on The Low Countries Podcast Episode 4

“Lowdown on The Low Countries” Listen Here¬†

Less messy than sacrificing a goat and easier to listen to than Heavy Metal played backwards, episode five of the pod brings you satanic worship from Belgium courtesy of Duvel, some Dutch herbal remedies with the low-calorie Ketel One Botanical Spirit from Schiedam and some unintentional yet repeated references to the war.

Ben’s ill-received article on the Pint Glass from the Guardian is here.

The Ketel One Botanical range, 30%abv and 70cl, is available from The Whiskey Exchange for £23.95.

Classic Duvel, 8.5%abv and 33cl, is available from all major supermarkets, including¬†Sainsbury’s, for around ¬£2.
Duvel Triple Hop Citra, 9.5%abv and 33cl, is available from Tesco at £2.50.

Duvel Tulip Glass is available from Beer Ritz.

In next week‚Äôs pod, we will be tasting ‚ÄúGose To Hollywood‚ÄĚ from the To √ėl brewery in Denmark, which is available at ¬£3.50 from Marks & Spencers (in store) or ¬£3.12 from¬†Eebria.

And mixing a Manhattan cocktail, all ingredients and tools are available at¬†The Whiskey Exchange…Woodford Kentucky Straight Bourbon, ¬£32.95¬†Chazalettes Rosso della Regina Vermouth, ¬£22.75¬†Angostura bitters ¬£11.25¬†Maraschino cherries ¬£8.95¬†Tools ‚Äďcocktail glass, or coupe; mixing glass; a bar spoon; strainer; jigger; plenty of ice.



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