“Big Apples & Danish Pastries” Podcast Episode 5

“Big Apples & Danish Pastries” Episode 5: Listen Here

Ben & Tom enjoy some socially distant Hygge-ing while sipping on Danish craft beer To Øl Gose To Hollywood, and cock-tales cover some ‘Manhattan’s in Manhattan’ as they clumsily mix this classic whiskey aperitif using Woodford Reserve and Chazalettes Rosso vermouth.

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“Gose To Hollywood” from the To Øl brewery in Denmark; £3.50 from Marks & Spencers (in store). Or £3.12 from www.eebria.com

Manhattan cocktail ingredients and tools all available at The Whisky ExchangeWoodford Kentucky Straight Bourbon, £32.95 Chazalettes Rosso della Regina Vermouth, £22.75 Angostura bitters £11.25 Maraschino cherries £8.95 Tools –cocktail glass, or coupe; mixing glass; a bar spoon; strainer; jigger; plenty of ice.
In next week’s show the tastings will include:Sierra Nevada Pale Ale available at Tesco for £1.80 (or 4 for £6) And Ocho Blanco Tequila, £22.45 (50cl bottle), at The Whisky Exchange

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