“Coronavirus Special: Mexico & China” Podcast Episode 1

“Coronavirus Special: Mexico & China” – Listen HERE

In this first episode, Ben and Tom selflessly try some tenuously topical Covid-19 linked drinks, so you don’t have to. We consume one of our 5 a day by stuffing a lime into Mexico’s best-selling lagers, mix in a bit of Mexican brewing history and visit China – the birthplace of booze and home to Baijiu, an acutely artisan spirit sometimes drunk out of skulls.
Tom bought his Baijiu from the The Whisky Exchange while Corona and (the far superior) Negra Modelo are available online at Beers of Europe.
Next week, we’re going to take listeners to Devon and back by tasting Plymouth Gin (a proper legendary gin from the UK’s oldest continuously working distillery) and a small-batch British Unfiltered Lager from the excellent Utopian Brewery.
You can order both of these drinks online:
Plymouth Gin
British Unfiltered Lager

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