Gin Gin!

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To celebrate World Gin Day, the boys host a special on the spirit, covering gin’s epic history along with a collection of recommendations to try. Learn about the ori-gins (nice wordplay) of the phrase ‘Dutch courage’; the nasty stuff 17th century gin makers added to their spirit; juniper aphrodisiacs; and why plague doctors wore gimp masks.
There’s also a bit of amateur art appreciation of Hogarth’s Gin Lane 

Despite their motto ‘drink less, drink better’, in this week’s show they tasted:

East London Liquor Company Gin


Eightlands Organic Gin


Monkey 47

Plymouth Navy Strength

Boatyard double Gin

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz

Gin 209

And for more on World Gin Day, follow #WorldGinDay or visit https://worldginday.com/

Next week, they’ll be back on the beer and getting down to some Monky business with Tynt Meadow, the only Trappist Beer in Britain – made by friars at the Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire. Buy it from Beerwulf here for just £3.95 – all profits go to good deeds. So the more you drink, the better the world becomes.

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