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Drinking Culture: Wagner’s Ring Cycle

“For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication”.  Friedrich

18th October 2021
Three of a Kind: British Lagers

      Oktoberfest As it’s October, we thought we’d talk about Oktoberfest. Yes, we know that Oktoberfest actually starts

18th October 2021
007 pulls his chain and gets covered in his own 002s. (joke copyright Alex Lowe).
Bond & Bristol

Assuming you’re not a mole and you live in a hole, you’ll have noticed that Bond is back on the

18th October 2021
Drink & Comedy: No Laughing Matter?

This article begins with a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. Pretentious? Nous? Look, we’re writing this. Not you. So here goes.

26th June 2020
National Martini Day

      It’s National Martini Day. And it’s a Friday. Which means it’s time for a Martini. Or maybe

19th June 2020
Thinking Drinkers A-Z of Beer Knowledge – Beer Day Britain

It’s Beer Day Britain – the UK’s annual national beer day. We’ve put together a list of beer-related did-you-knows to

15th June 2020
Beers for a BBQ
Beers for a BBQ

Neolithic Man had none of the mod cons. No television, no central heating, no microwaves. Not even Google Chrome Incognito

24th April 2020
International Women’s Day

History’s earliest brewers were all women and without women, there’d be no beer. Originally, brewing was the exclusive preserve of

6th March 2020
Dry January Drinking Diary: How to Best Spend Your 14 Units a Week

  Instead of giving up alcohol entirely in January, follow the “Drink Less, Drink Better” mantra of the Thinking Drinkers

1st January 2020
Thinking Drinkers World Cup 2018

With the World Cup kicking off soon, the Thinking Drinkers, award-winning alcohol experts and comedians, have delved deep into the

1st June 2018
Boozing on the Battlefield

Whether its cyber, intergalactic or nuclear, remembering the fallen or gossiping about defence secretaries, war is on our minds, and

1st March 2018
Sipping Rum

If you ask us, as spirits experts, what the next gin will be – the spirit that can succeed gin’s

1st March 2018
Liver Let Live

Sorry to brag, sorry to lord it over you like this, but we were reading the Guardian the other day.

1st March 2018
30 years of Withnail and I, the finest alcohol-soaked film in history

It’s been 30 years today since “Withnail & I” was released and it’s aged like a fine Bordeaux. Initially overlooked

26th April 2017
Booze and chocolate: the perfect pairings for Easter

With all the foresight at his disposal, it’s fair to assume Jesus had a drink or two at the Last

26th April 2017
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