12th April 2022

Sipsmith Cocktails: London Dry

Four classic ways to showcase Sipsmith London Dry Gin. You’re welcome.


London Dry Gin Martini

50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

10-15ml dry vermouth

Lemon twist (to garnish)


1 Fill a mixing glass with ice

2 Add the vermouth and stir for a few seconds

3 Add the gin to the mixing glass and stir briskly for 50 turns

4 Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a lemon twist



50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

150ml Fever-Tree tonic water

Twist of fresh lime (to garnish)


1.Fill a highball glass with ice

2 Add Sipsmith London Dry Gin

3 Top with chilled, premium tonic water (we use Fever-Tree)

4 Lift from the bottom of the glass with a stirrer to gently combine together

5 Garnish with a twist of fresh lime



50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin

30ml fresh lemon juice

20ml sugar syrup

Soda water, to top

Orange slice (to garnish)


1 Combine first three ingredients in a highball glass with ice

2 Stir and then top with soda water

3 Garnish with an orange slice



40ml Sipsmith® London Dry Gin

20ml Cointreau®

15ml Sugar Syrup

Whole passion fruit

Half a lime (4 slices)

Quarter of a pomegranate


1 Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop the contents out into a rocks glass

2 Add the seeds from 1/4 pomegranate and the 4 lime wedges and muddle together

3 Top with the London Dry Gin, Cointreau® and sugar syrup

4 Add crushed ice and churn until the ingredients are mixed throughout the glass

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