It’s The Drink Talking Podcast

Its the drink talking_podcast artwork

Listen up people. No, seriously, literally listen up because this is important.

We’ve done a podcast. Several actually. It’s called  “It’s The Drink Talking” and it’s presented by us, the Thinking Drinkers, alongside Sam Caporn MW – also known as the ‘The Mistress of Wine’ – who is also a wine expert on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen. .

Covering every aspect of the alcoholic universe from beers and wines to spirits and liqueurs, “It’s The Drink Talking” is all the aural pleasure that modern discerning drinkers require. We also talk about other stuff too – like fish fingers, chafing and cosmic calendars – but mostly about drink.

So, if you want to enhance your liquid lives then download it, listen to it, leave lovely review on iTunes and the like – and then tell everyone you know, and we mean EVERYONE, that they should do the same.



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