The Thinking drinkers Guide to Alcohol ABSINTHE B &W
DATE: 6th July 2017
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Museum of Comedy, The Undercroft, St George’s Church, Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SR
Thinking Drinkers’ Sessions 6th July 2017

The Thinking drinkers Guide to Alcohol ABSINTHE B &W

Come to The Sessions. Go on. Come. It’s a monthly residency at the Museum of Comedy and during it we will speak for roughly an hour in a way that may, or may not, make you laugh, specifically targeting funnies and facts that pertain to alcohol.

In said hour, we are confident you will discover that a lot of life’s answers can, in fact, be discovered at the bottom of a glass. We will reveal the people, the places and the past behind each bottle, and, perhaps most importantly, every audience member will be handed FOUR FREE DRINKS. All of them alcoholic.

So, that’s a few funnies if we’ve got them, plenty of pub ammo and FOUR FREE DRINKS. It’s not a comedy show, it’s essentially a tasting. But not one that’s f***ing boring.

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