Thinking Drinkers_0194_photo by steve ullathorne
DATE: 17th March 2018
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: 2 Spring Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5NL
Thinking Drinkers; History of Alcohol 17th March 2018

Thinking Drinkers_0194_photo by steve ullathorne

After selling out across UK theatres every year from 2011 to 2016, the Thinking Drinkers are back with a new show. Enjoy FIVE FREE DRINKS as these award-winning professional drink experts definitively prove that alcohol has influenced everything that has ever happened. Ever. An intoxicating, hilarious, time-travelling journey through our drink-drenched past, pouring the entire history of human civilisation into a shot glass. You’ll laugh a lot, you’ll learn a lot and, if that’s not enough, did we mention the free drinks?

‘An erudite, liquor-loving duo’ (Metro).
‘Pioneers of alcohol based comedy’ (Sunday Times).
‘There’s no more discerning way to fall off the wagon’ (Time Out).
“For serious and not so serious devotees of legal recreational consumables, this show’s your bible” DAN AYKROYD
“The most entertaining free drinks event I’ve ever been to” DOM JOLY
★★★★★ “With two brilliantly funny guys with a love of liquor, an evening with The Thinking Drinkers went down smooth and left you without any nasty hangovers” BRIGHTON ARGUS
★★★★ “An intoxicating success… as interesting as it is hilarious” SUNDAY EXPRESS
★★★★”A terrific show. it has to be the best value for money in town” THE SCOTSMAN
★★★★ “Hugely funny and genuinely fascinating …they illuminated, educated and intoxicated the crowd” EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS
★★★★ “1st-class comedy mixed with a generous measure of alcohol history lesson” THE YORK PRESS
★★★★ “Charismatic, energetic and frighteningly knowledgeable about their subject, these are two guys you’d kill to have pulling pints down at your local” BROADWAYBABY
★★★★”This is brilliant. I love this show” THE SKINNY
★★★★ “Utterly daft” UK THEATRE WEB
★★★★”Fantastic drinks, with fascinating discussion from funny people” THREEWEEKS
★★★★ “It all adds up to a heady cocktail of fun” THE UPCOMING
★★★★”Impressive…. downright hilarious” WEST END WHINGERS

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